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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the inspection?
I will provide a thorough, comprehensive, professional, and unbiased report on the condition of the property with digital photos of the conditions at time of the inspection. I will inspect anything and everything I can get too safely without causing any damage to the property.

How long will the inspection take?
That depends a lot on the condition, age, and size of the property. It can take from an hour and a half and more. I have spent over three days at an inspection before, that was several large buildings though.

Will the inspector find everything wrong with the property?
No. It is just not physically possible to inspect every aspect of a property in detail within a reasonable time frame for an inspection. Our focus will be on three things: Health and safety issues that can put you and your family at significant risk, defects in the property that prevent it from functioning properly and defects which will likely incur significant cost to repair.  
For example: We will inspect all electrical panels we can access in detail, but only inspect a “representative sample” of number of windows, electrical receptacles and cabinet drawers.

Should I be there?
By being present, you will have a far better understanding of your new home and the inspection report. It is strongly suggested that you, the prospective buyer, at least be present for a final walk though at the end of the inspection.

What about the report?
We are proud to provide a high quality computer-generated reporting system with digital photos that is in compliance with the Texas Real Estate Commission guidelines for reporting. It will be an easy to read with explanations, photos and recommendations that are very helpful.

When do I receive my report?
Typically your report will be sent out the same day if not within 24 hours of the inspection. Once I complete the report, I will email you and your agent a copy of the report in a PDF format.

When do I have to pay for my inspection?
Payment is due upon completion of the inspection and prior to delivery of the inspection report. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money orders and credit cards.

What if I have a question?
Call me. It’s that simple. Please keep in mind there are days where I do not have cell service (In the hill country), please leave a message. I will get back with you. I am here to serve you and answer all your questions. A simple phone call can save you time and trouble.